Honda Pacific Coast (PC800) Patches/Decals

Lemmings Non Sumus

First available August 20, 2001
"non sumus" is Latin for "We are not" so "Lemmings non sumus" is "We are not lemmings". In essence, lemmings are little rodents who by their basic nature are followers - even to their own demise / destruction / drowning, etc. Many (not all) bikers are lemmings in style, dress and the motorcycles they ride. PCers are not lemmings and proud of it!
The Lemmings Patch was created "because we like it"
* Simple and attractive
*Traditional PC colors
*Unique shape (PC trunk / butt)
*The Message
For a more detailed, "scholarly" and humorous summary by Professor David Sigsbee, click here

Embroidered patch is 4 inches x 3.5 inches

UPDATE: As of June 2012, the Lemmings Patch is once again available
and the price is now $8.00!

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Red lettering on White background

First available March 20, 2002
This is the official iPCRC patch as determined by a vote of the membership in November and December 2001.
 Todd Skar of Green Bay, Wisconsin was its prime designer following the iPCRC membership's many recommendations.
This is a round 3.5 inch embroidered patch.

Pacific Coast Ride Patch

First available July 26, 2004

This is the "unofficial" patch for the annual September Pacific Coast Hiway ride.
It is a joint product of Leland Sheppard and Harry Mitchell.
To wear this patch you don't have to have been a PCH participant -- only to promise to do it -- some day.
This is a round 3.5 inch embroidered patch.

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Body by Tupperware Decals


(Please note that the actual size of the decals is the same regardless of color; actual size is 7 inches wide by 5/8 inch tall.)


These decals were conceived and designed by Lee Barker, reknowned ex-PCer from Redmond, Oregon.
After Lee moved on, Dean Williams handled these for several years.
After Dean moved on (from the decals only - he still has his yellow PC, Nata Harli),
Harry Mitchell graciously agreed to take over handling of the decals.

$8.00 per pair

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Pictures of Actual Installations
(click on image for larger photo)

If you have questions, please contact: Harry Mitchell